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March 13, 2014


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"An Introduction to Statistical Learning" by James, Witten, Hastie, and Tibshirani is very good for many of the topics listed above.

Thanks a lot for looking through all these works and extracting these recommendations. Not included in the Contributed Documentation but definitely a must read for anyone taking his R engagement seriously is The R Inferno by Patrick Burns.

After you got a book to get friends with R and a second to get into your specialty it is a good third or forth book about R.


The use of the term "meta" for this collection is inapt.

This collection refers to related items.

The collection is not at a higher level of abstraction compared with the items themselves, which the term "meta" would require and for which it should be reserved.

Better choices would include: a list or collection or series or compendium or supercategory or library or briefcase.

That said, thanks so much for your many very valuable contributions, including your having collected this series of related items to have in one place.

Thank you!

Joe, thank you for your effort.

Like you, I collect, and I realize that I have 15 R books on the shelf beside me, most of which I have read most of.

Might there be a place for a wiki-like site for R books? It could include comments by people; it could list the table of contents of each book and the date of publication; it could note the language if not English. My hope would be some kind of classification like "beginner", "intermediate" and "advanced". Someone on the R Core team has compiled an extensive list of books but I suspect that is less easily available to or known about.

Maybe Revolution Analytics would host LibRary and start the effort rolling.

The next step would be the huge variety of PDF files on all kinds of R topics ...

I would be glad to help in some way.


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