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March 04, 2014


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If you'd rather not acquire carpal tunnel and arthritis from all those convoluted key combos, I can recommend RStudio with its vi editor.

Very nice post, but we should not scare people by insisting that Emacs and ESS need to come from the repo. On Debian/Ubuntu, all it takes is 'sudo apt-get install ess emacs24' and one is off to the races. Updated and current binary ESS packages come from the same place as updated and current (base) R packages: CRAN.

Great post! No doubt RStudio is a very nice IDE, but the combination of Emacs + ESS ( + AucTex + polymode + tons of other things) offers so incredibly much that even after quite a few years of use I am still surprised and delighted by some amazing feature I was not aware of. Thanks a lot to all the ESS developers/maintainers for this great software!

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