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March 31, 2014


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I love R, but it's top search term is "\r" which is probably related the the website "reddit" and accounts for almost 100% of the search volume.

Is Google able to differentiate between "\r" searches looking for "reddit" vs "\r" searches looking for "R"?

@Zach, this is a semantic search using Google Trends, so it's not just counting searches including the letter "R". It includes only searches related to "R programming language" (but not all such searches -- Google's classification algos aren't perfect.)

It's surprising actually to see SAS so low; the only semantic search Google offers is "SAS Institute / Software Company" which may be missing some searches about SAS the software. Here's a comparison though between ALL searches including the *word* SAS (even if they were about the airline or the military -- so an overestimate), and ONLY searches about R the programming language (likely an underestimate).

One thing is sure: google does not differentiate for people in Italy (Romania, Moldavia, Portugal/Brasil) looking for Statistica which means statistics in the languages spoken in those countried. Most of the searches there are about that use of the term.
And the reason why the country with the highest volume for SAS is Italy is that sas in Italy is a limited company, nothing to do with the SAS institute - so the volumes are not correct.
Just saying, R might be even bigger, but these numbers are not completely reliable...

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