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July 08, 2014


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There's a function package_dependencies in the tools package which does something similar.

But you do need to be careful how you write this: for example, my rgl package is in your list of 63, but not in your graph. (It is suggested by knitr, it's not a true dependency. Not sure what the criteria were for the graph.)

Why are there packages displayed in the graph that are not linked by arrows to an initial package (not displayed as dependencies)? Ex. Sp and Maptools

Hi, Duncan

I should have mentioned in the post that pkgDeps() is a wrapper around tools::package_dependencies where I set defaults for my application. I'll update the blog post to reflect this.

I am working on tracing the differences between the package list and the graph. The root cause has to do with different settings for recursion in the two functions. Once resolved, I'll publish the revision.


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