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July 25, 2014


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-- But it's clear that their work is having an influence on R itself

Legend has it, I'm not spreading unfounded rumours (so far as I know :) ) that R-Core has been resistant to "anything" not done their way. It does seem to be highly inefficient for all of these projects to have to build a nearly complete R, in order for R-Core (or whoever is gate-keeping) to accept evident improvements to R, but not the alternate implementations.

One wonders how long being poached will be acceptable to outsiders. Does anyone really want to be assimilated by the Borg? Again, :)

In a contemporaneous (in the R-Bloggers sense) post, Derek Jones mused about ISO-R, not seriously. OTOH, were there a language spec and test kit, alternate versions could be built with far less hassle.

There is precedent. Before Sun, then Oracle more overtly, killed off both the spec and the test kit, java was thriving in an open source sense. Not so much now, I'd wager.

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