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September 23, 2014


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If plotly handled coord_flip() for horizontal bar charts it'd be my go-to display medium for publicly shareable data.

Wow! This is impressive. As much as I love R, I usually have to rely on PDFs to share the results, but Plotly could change that. Thanks for creating this package and posting this tutorial.

I would love to use something like this and be able to send analyses to my boss with just a web link.

Alas, my company would really frown about moving data outside our firewall and hosting it on external servers, no matter how secure, without proper legal agreements in place.

Is there a good way to create interactive via web browser work like that without needing to put data on someone elses server?

Hey bob, thanks for checking it out. If you're interested, Plotly does private servers you can place behind your own firewall and host. Then your data never leaves your servers.

See https://plot.ly/product/enterprise/. Does that do it?

Feel free to email me at matt at plot dot ly if you'd like to chat more.


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