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October 17, 2014


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This video has been removed by the user:-(

Looks like O'Reilly replaced the video with a corrected version. I've fixed it in the post above. Thanks!

Great video. I too have a preference for simulation-based rather than theoretical hypothesis testing, mainly because I find it much easier to explain to a non-technical audience.

This may seem like nitpicking, but shouldn't it read ...: permutate! The example in the video does not generate a Monte Carlo distribution with mean/sd but uses resampling. Or would "resampling" be a subtype of simulation?


This is good video. Great explanation of the two approaches.

Resampling is amazingly easy...and fun! He's right that the tools matter little. There's at least one Excel plug-in that does exactly the resampling approach he shows. It's a great way to see the central limit theorem (CLT) in action. It's an ah-ha moment to see the variance in the estimate of the mean decrease as the number of times the data is resampled increases.

The "simulation" is the whole thing, the 43 observations resampled 50,000 times. The add-on step is to obtain the p-value of 4.4 in this newly built distribution. The p-value from the stat 101 approach and the p-value from this newly built distribution will be pretty close in value to each other.

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