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January 06, 2015


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Please ignore my previous question. I was missing "RgoogleMaps" and "mapproj" packages

Thanks for this post - this is really interesting stuff!
But I think your conlusion ("appears to have higher ph concentrations than the rest.") is wrong.
Field 14 has much higher values - each plot has its own color range.

Another thing I noticed: for Fields 1:4, 6 and 16, the layout of point matches the field borders in sattelite images well. What about all the other plots, where it seems like the sat images are from the wrong location?

Excellent observations Berry! You are correct -- field 14 along with field 15 have higher ph values than field 16.

Your other observation is interesting too. By visualizing this dataset, we not only see how the range of ph values vary from field to field, but the location of the sample points seem to fall into a field boundary for some fields and appear somewhat random on other fields.

Nice example. Wish the help page for scale_color_gradient was better. Doesn't explain the 'distiller' function at all and the examples could be a lot better (e.g. avoid gray points on gray background).

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