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January 27, 2015


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Is there a 32-bit open revolution for my win 7?

Will there ever be an AMD solution?

I'm surprised that you did not mention OpenCL at all, and there's a current R package available. I'm not sure how it compares in terms of features or speed, but it has the advantage of working on any GPU (within reason). It may be worth a mention, and it would answer the question above and add even more value to an already interesting post.

There is a solution which works with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. (And other platforms as well, like the parallella (http://www.parallella.org/).
I actually developed a package which allows you to do this.
It is relatively early stage, but it does have a bit more functionality/abstraction than the OpenCL package from Simon Urbanek.
My package is called ROpenCL, not yet on CRAN, but code is available here:

Is anyone aware of a way to install gputools on a Mac running Yosemite? I have been unable to install this package.

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