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February 24, 2015


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In my past I did this with matlab's parallel offering by launching a Java progress bar and had an open port it listened to. Then each job in the foreach would send a signal to the open port and the progress bar would increment.

It worked really well.

It's a windows only solution, and it's basically the same task as StephenL described. I just added a "bar" argument to my overarching function so i could decide if I wanted to monitor the bars or not (yes for testing on my machine, no for submitting on a cluster)

pb <- winProgressBar(title = "Initializing",
min = 0,max = L, width = 300)}

for (l in 1:L){
... stuff...

setWinProgressBar(pb, l,
title=paste(mod, " Iteration:", round(l/L*100, 0),
"% done"))}


I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that the function that has the above mentioned code was wrapped inside a foreach().

"Sadly, the proposed mechanism didn’t actually work. [...] Meanwhile, can you do better? Is there a way of creating progress bars with foreach in a parallel job?"

Did you check if the last answer from the SO thread worked for you (http://stackoverflow.com/a/26519566/1901527)? It does actually work (I just checked), but as I said in the answer, only under Ubuntu. However, having read the answer by Steve Weston now (http://stackoverflow.com/a/15078540/1901527) I guess that it might also work under Windows when using Rterm instead of Rgui.

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