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April 21, 2015


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Useful, but a red-blue palette (e.g. 'RdBu' in brewer.pal) is probably preferred. Especially for people with color-deficiencies.

Thank you for the post Vidisha.

I wanted to mention another package (which I authored), for also controlling the dendrograms in the heatmap. It is called "dendextend".
It has a detailed vignette here:

The relevant section is under: Enhancing other packages -> gplots.

Here is a figure which gives a nice example of what can be done:


Nice tool, but how to color the branches and tick labels? Eg. if I cut the tree to have four gruops like this heatmap?:


It is possible?

Best regards :)

Interesting tool! However I am new to R, and I notice that the data basically has numerical variables. I have a database that has categorical variables that are used to define a record. Basically cust info which determines age group, sex, description of the customer etc. Can you suggest a suitable clustering algorithm to group this customer set into different groups

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