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May 14, 2015


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I started using some of the HTML widgets and packages about a month back. Users love the output these widgets produce. I think the developers have done a good job.

What's needed is a stable release of the different packages that work together with a specified version of R that can be used in production. For example, in the Hadoop ecosystem, "approved" release levels of the different components that will work together are listed. You know that if you have your different components installed at the specified level, your workflow is solid. I understand that development and communications are not tightly coordinated in the R community.

I'm on R 3.1.1 and have experienced a few error messages that "this package is not available for your installed version of R." I've had to hack at the command line to get some packages installed. It's taken some time.

It's still kind of a wild west, evolving fast, and programmers should expect to have to take the time to hack and figure out how to get dependencies installed, etc.

Once there is some stability, more knowledge sharing via blog posts to make it easier to install and develop with the widgets, and a kind of "ok, it's safe enough for production," the use of these widgets is going to explode.

A big thank you and kudos to the developers!

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