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May 15, 2015


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Long live R! The business layer is dead!

Which raises the question I've raised on a MicroSoft post, and elsewhere: will the hook allow use of free-as-in-beer RA/R and Real R, or just the fee paid RA/R?r

Will SQL Server allow triggers etc to be written in R and be able to write it inline like PostgreSQL? i.e. can it be commited to a DVCS as text for continuous deployment (testing, staging, deployment, analytics)? or will it need to be done like .net assemblies that can only be managed via the GUI?

will this integration compliant with the GPL or should we email Stallman

@Robert, the integration will be with Revolution R Enterprise. This means you will have access to the parallel external-memory algorithms (PEMAs) included with RRE, so you can use parallel processing for statistical modeling and machine learning on your SQL server data, without being bound by R object size limitations.

RRE is built on the GPL-licensed Revolution R Open which will be installed separately. I'm not sure yet if it will be possible to use only RRO from SQL Server but I will check.


The thin ice exists because Joe Conway, of PL/R, has demonstrated that a RDBMS will hook to Real R through both engines. Which is to say the GPL R codebase. If RA were to create a dummy package whose only function was to re-direct the hook/integration from Real R to RRE, that might get folks' attention.

Very powerful, but all versions of SQL Server will have this integration with R?

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