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May 12, 2015


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Great post.

Is it possible to connect to Azure's DocumentDb from R?

Nice article. I liked the technical approach showing the steps to get it running. Please indicate what is your recommendation for the client-side platform. Would Windows 7 64-bit be OK?

Windows 7 64bit should be OK. The clients I tested are: Windows 8.1, 10 "insider preview" and Server 2012 (all 64bit).

I didn't find a DocumentDB R package or ODBC driver. It does however provide a REST API. So it should be possible to query DocumentDB from R, maybe with the rjson package. Sounds like a great topic for a subsequent post :)

your RSQLServer example didn't work on my azure db, could you provide reproducible example? e.g. using db from: http://sqlblog.com/blogs/jamie_thomson/archive/2012/03/27/adventureworks2012-now-available-to-all-on-sql-azure.aspx

Nice; I didn't know about the public AdventureWorks. I was not able to get RSQLServer to work with it, while it works fine with my DB. Not sure why. If anyone has ideas, let me know. I was however able to get RODBC and RJDBC to work. Here are the corresponding code snippets:

conn <- odbcDriverConnect("Driver=SQL Server;Server=mhknbn2kdz.database.windows.net;Database=AdventureWorks2012;Uid=sqlfamily;Pwd=sqlf@m1ly")
sqlQuery(conn, "SELECT TOP 2 * FROM Person.Person")

drv <- JDBC(
driverClass = "com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver",
classPath = "C:/JDBC/Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.1 for SQL Server/sqljdbc_4.1/enu/sqljdbc41.jar")
conn <- dbConnect(drv, "jdbc:sqlserver://mhknbn2kdz.database.windows.net", database = "AdventureWorks2012", "sqlfamily", "sqlf@m1ly")
dbGetQuery(conn, "SELECT TOP 2 * FROM Person.Person")

@Yolanda / @Carlos Crossetti

As you say there is an API. I haven't yet played with the DocumentDB API but I've started looking at blob storage with Azure so it might work similarly. I can get a list of blobs but haven't yet cracked the IO. If you'd like to take a look on how you do the authentication etc then it might be a good example. Also, if you need help or want to to help, let me know!

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