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June 02, 2015


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Why RMySQL requires JDK? How does it impact it's performance? Can ODBC compete with RMySQL in terms of performance? For databases *pulling the data* is usually not enough, it is nice to *pull the data efficiently*. I believe RMySQL, without JDK overhead, would be the best way, hm?

The RMySQL package does not require JDK or JRI. There never was or will be any Java involved with mysql or RMySQL. RMySQL works completely out of the box on Windows without any runtime dependencies. It is linked to the C driver and OpenSSL so it supports SSL servers encryption as well.

See this post: https://www.opencpu.org/posts/rmysql-release-0-10-2/

Indeed a great article.So you can think so as bigdata can allow us accurate the nature of business that we are going to do data science

@Jeroen: oops, you're right, RMySQL doesn't require the JDK. Thanks for pointing it out!

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