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July 31, 2015


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Thanks for giving a shoutout to the package! The best way to embed widgets into blog post are to use iframes. Since I'm not sure a typepad comment will be able to handle the tags, I put a small gist together that shows how I embedded the widget into the Intro post you linked to:


Sadly, this does require the ability to host said iframe html code (in theory) on the same server. It might work from another location but some browser security settings will cause the content not to display.

You can also save the widget out in "partial" form (i.e. not full HTML wrappers) and embed the raw HTML, but site aggregators (i.e. r-bloggers) wince at the size of the posts then (default is to embed all the data and javascript).

The final option is to save the widget out and not save the data with it (nor embed the javascript) then reference that all externally in via <script> & <link> tags, but that's super-tedious.

Thanks Bob, that did the trick! Updated the post above with an interactive version of the graphic.

Nice topic,
I was thinking how to visualise one problem and just found the solution.
I assume that I can use this package together with shine without any problems.

I ment shiny by rstudio.

You should be able to use Shiny with streamgraphs w/o issue. There are a couple issues relating to shiny but if you have any def let me know.

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