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October 14, 2015


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Very interesting post Andrie, thank you.

I saw a similar demo of executing R inside SQL Server months ago, but AFAIK this funcionality is still not available in current CTP (2.4) of SQL Server, isn't it? Did you use a different (special) version of SQL 2016 or do we have to change some configuration in order to activate this functionality?

Thanks in advance

Thanks Andrie for sharing! I am very much looking forward to try out myself.
Any idea where can I find more information on licencing RRE in combination with existing SQL Server licenses?


Great article. Thanks for sharing!
Can't wait to see R inside SQL Server. Exciting times!

If one wants to see the "proper" way to execute R from inside a database engine, read-up Joe Conway's notes on PL/R with Postgres. You needn't install either to see the semantics; basically, register R and create User Defined Functions. Here: http://www.joeconway.com/plr/doc/index.html

Thanks for sharing, excellent article.

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