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December 21, 2015


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growth isn't always the result of good things. R has semantics and syntax fully at odds with the ALGOL/C lineage, and thus utterly opaque to folks who've lived with such languages. the number of questions/person is likely rather high; that's just a guess, of course. I suspect the drop-out rate for newbies in R to be rather high. the python cabal is making hay.

likewise, seeing the descent of xml is heartwarming, but could also mean that it has warped minds into its evil paradigm sufficiently that the infected no longer need guidance in its misuse. :)

@Robert Young: I was thinking along the same lines. But I still see it as success for R when many try to comprehend it, although not all may succeed

Please where is the data you use to show the examples on "New and updated geoms"?

I am a beginner and will like to follow your examples for my learning purposes. Thank you.

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