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January 28, 2016


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Here are Github pages to a few groups that I am involved with:

1. Las Vegas R Users Group: https://github.com/DataScienceLV/R-UsersGroup

2. Data Science Africa: https://github.com/datascience-africa

Thank You Daniel!
Best regards,

At the LondonR coding-dojo meetup, we have a github repository where people put the R code created during the session:


And the last session, we have created a process to allow people attending the coding-dojo to publish the rmd files created on the jekyll website of the coding-dojo, hosted on github:


Awesome hack.

Many thanks for pointing us to the LondonR GitHub repos!
There is some nice material here.

Let me know if you would like to write a guest blog post about your process for allowing people to publish rmd files on the jelyll website.

[email protected]

Hi Joe,

R-ladies meetup: https://github.com/R-ladies


Very nice!
Thank you Gabriela.

How about writing a guest post about R Ladies? I think the experiences, goals and aspirations of R Ladies would be of wide interest.

Hi Joe,

the Berlin RUG also has a respository with materials of (almost) all our talks: http://berlinrug.github.io/BerlinRUG/

Best regards

Our SevillaR group also has a GitHub profile (https://github.com/SevillaR) where we store presentations and code from our monthly meetings.

We also have other projects in there, such as couple of packages we developed in a recent hackathon.



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