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February 04, 2016


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How does Microsoft notify R users when a new release of MRO is pushed out?

The best way to stay current with MRO is to follow this blog,

monitor our forum at

check the announcements at MRAN

and follow @revodavid on twitter

Is it possible to use RStudio with RRE on Windows machine?

Yes, using RStudio with RRE (now Microsoft R Server) on Windows works very well.

I'll say it again. NOT everyone is doing reproducible research. You keep forcing us to use your mran snapshots. Changing that requires editing Rprofile.site file.

Make this an option during install whether you want mran snapshot for reproducible research or the latest cran.

Hopefully now that Ropen is a microsoft product they will most likely listen to it's customers.

Thank you this suggestion to make the MRAN snapshots an option that can be changed during install time.

We'll take this into consideration during product planning.


Very helpful post Joeseph! I have managed to link Rstudio with MRO for RRE. I have now installed R Server. How do I go about linking R Studio with R Server?

Many thanks


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