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March 03, 2016


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(This may be an R newb question.)

R doesn't seem to recognize randomForestInfJack(). install_github of the repo works w/o problem, and I can see the function definition in the repo.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Suggestion?

Pls ignore. Problem solved.

This is great timing! Next week we had planned a discussion on the use of random forests for various genomics-related analyses. There are plenty of papers that report good success, but not always with strong results to support this. So we are experimenting, and I was wondering how I could derive confidence intervals. Perfect thank you!

In running this, I had to replace two lines of code with:

mpg <- read.table(url, stringsAsFactors = FALSE, na.strings="?", header=FALSE)
names(mpg) <- c("mpg","cyl","disp","hp","weight","accel","year","origin","name")

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