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August 03, 2016


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The 'download R' button also detected your system and pointed to the right installer. That was a nice feature and I have pointed many new users to it. Finding the correct installer on the r-project page is a chore for those who have not experienced the web during the time when frames were all the rage 😀.

For some reason you are not displaying correctly the TeX \sim symbol (it is displayed as empty space instead of ~). So \eqn{X \sim N(0, 1)}{X ~ N(0, 1)} displays as "X N(0, 1)".

I really like 'Pretty R' and used it for blogging.
It's bad that inside-R is gone.

Also many interesting articles posted on Revo blog just gone. Now everything redirects to pages in MS domain. This is why I prefer to stick with OpenSource environment. Things don't disappear as often because of economical reasons... Even if a project is broken, the community helps to keep the old yest useful information.

None of the Revolutions blog posts are gone, they're all right here! The search box in the right column is helpful to find what you're looking for.

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