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October 12, 2016


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why does it list that sparkr/sparklyr doesn't connect to hadoop? it most certainly does.


I am currently using R server on HDinsight in Azure.

I ask you for some help since I can not install sparklyr. When executing devtools::install_github("rstudio/sparklyr") I get the following error message:

ERROR: dependencies ‘tibble’, ‘rprojroot’ are not available for package ‘sparklyr’
* removing ‘/home/etignone/R/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-library/3.2/sparklyr’

Unfortunately I can not install ‘tibble’ and ‘rprojroot’. Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you very much,

Edoardo Tignone

Hi Edoardo,

Did you try the installation R-script that we published for this purpose? Sparklyr does have some dependencies (including the ones you mention), which we address in our script. The link to the script, which is to be run on the edge node of a HDInsight (Premium) cluster with Microsoft R server, is given below.

Thank you.

Debraj GuhaThakurta



The "Hadoop" column on slide 29 would have been better labelled "Hadoop MapReduce"; it does not mean the whole Hadoop ecosystem. SparkR and sparklyr run on Hadoop clusters via Spark. RevoScaleR supports both Spark and the earlier Hadoop MapReduce.

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