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November 08, 2016


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There is no "R Server on Spark" option in my Cluster Configuration - there is R Server OR Spark...


Error in force(code) :
Failed while connecting to sparklyr to port (8880) for sessionid (6826): Gateway in port (8880) did not respond.
Path: C:\Users\jvangeete\Apache\Spark-2.0.2\bin\spark-submit2.cmd
Parameters: --class, sparklyr.Backend, "C:\Users\jvangeete\Documents\R\win-library\3.3\sparklyr\java\sparklyr-2.0-2.11.jar", 8880, 6826

---- Output Log ----
The system cannot find the path specified.

---- Error Log ----

Thanks for the comment, Jeff!
You're right, the portal has changed slightly. The correct choice for the cluster configuration is just "R Server". It will automatically build on top of Spark (1.6.2 for a few more days, then 2.0!).
Did that error come when you tried to use `spark_connect("yarn-client")`? Could you try
`sc <- spark_connect("yarn",
config = list(default = list(spark.submit.deployMode= "client"))` instead? It appears you are using Spark 2.0 clusters rather than the 1.6.2 clusters I used for this post.


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