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January 23, 2017


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June 8: R in Insurance. Paris (France).

Fifth installment. Intended audience includes academics and practitioners. All topics will be discussed within the context of using R as a primary tool for insurance risk management, analysis and modeling.(https://rininsurance17.sciencesconf.org/)

A little further down the road, but I recently discovered this one.

Nov 6-7: Use of R in Official Statistics, Bucharest (Romania) http://r-project.ro/conference2017

Also Bioconductor!

July 26-28: BioC 2017, Boston MA (USA) https://www.bioconductor.org/help/course-materials/2017/BioC2017

Sooner yet, there's the Free and Open Source Software Developers Meeting (FOSDEM) in Brussels, Feb 4+5:
Not an R conference specifically, but I know there'll be at least one R talk (mine ^^)

Thanks for the suggestion, Berry, but to keep the list succinct I'm going to limit it to conferences focused on R specifically. There are many more conferences where R is presented :)


We have R Conferences in France too ;)

The 6th French R Meeting will take place in Anglet the 28-30th June 2017. More info here : http://angletr2017.com/English1/index.html .

Best regards.

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