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February 17, 2017


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How old are you? Do you think that the scientific comunity is interested by these patetic graphs?

Please do not disturb a seriosus blog such as R-Blogers

Wow... I can't even tell whether those axes are lin or log! What are the units? Number of pets per square meter? number of houses with pets per 100,000 homes?
And you haven't even color-coded the cats by, say, average number of bathrooms per domicile :-)

It's my sister who will be happy

Hi! Great post :) I really want to prank my supervisors with catterplots in my thesis, but I don't understand how to install it in R. Do you have any tips? Install.packages('CatterPlots') returns that there is no such package. Am I missing something?

E, you'll need to install catterplots from github using the devtools package. The instructions are on the github page linked above (scroll down a bit).

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