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February 22, 2017


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It may be easy to "do things" in Excel, but it is even easier to foul things up without even knowing you did. Most people who think they're doing good things in Excel are sadly mistaken. Excel "code", i.e. relationships between cells via formula, are next to impossible to trace or debug. And that's just for starters.

Further, there are exactly **zero** charts that are easier to produce or better laid out in Excel than R. The number of times I've had to explain to people that a line chart in Excel is NOT a scatterplot, and that their x-axis is not representing their data....

R and Excel are both great tools for Data Science and Data Analysis. Thanks for sharing this great article on comparing these two tools it is quite helpful.

I think a combination of Excel and R is very useful. With Excel, the data can be processed very nicely, in order to "analyze" it with R. It is time that Microsoft R is integrated into Excel!:-)

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