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December 01, 2017


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I agree with your assessment of ABS spreadsheets in general. There are even more things that are annoying, like changes made by hand with different releases.

However in this case you may be slightly at fault. I say slightly because it's not obvious. I had not looked at the survey results. When I did I noticed that it was disseminated using ABSStat.

This means you have a choice for the format of your data. You could have saved it as a csv file. What is not obvious is that unlike the Excel format it does not retain the structure of the data, but flattens it. Also you have to choose the csv string option. So no not really your fault.

Hey Tom,
They might have been produced by the ABSStat system but they don't appear to be accessible from there as far as I can tell.

I got them from this page: https://marriagesurvey.abs.gov.au/results/downloads.html

Right now xlsx is the only available option.

Hi Miles,
The AMLPS data is on ABS.Stat and available via REST web service call or csv export under "Snapshots of Australia | Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey". This was also released on the 15th.

It would be interesting to see your clean-up and Census combination work using this data source.

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