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January 31, 2018


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Can you guys stop with the political sh*t all the time, thanks. I like coming here to read the posts but am sick of the buzzfeed tier nonsense. Go make charts for buzzfeed if you guys want to be push an angle all the time.

+ 1 Taylor

I'm curious how showing an obvious historical decline in State of the Union speeches, regardless of party, "pushes an angle". Please explain.

Perhaps you're also skeptical of research by a "Mexican" researcher.

I agree with the previous respondent, Taylor. This is just another way, using R, to show that Trump is a moron; a so annoyingly obvious media trope that if the authors of these doubtful analyses do not see it, it is because they are, to use another cliche, blinded by science.. But I doubt that is the case.

I am, fact glad for this posting because to the scientist truly trying to be unbiased it should serve as a cautionary example that one's prejudices can subtly and not-so-subtly affect one's statistics and the conclusions derived from them.

In statistics and data analysis, perhaps in more than any other quantitative subject, a given result should be independently studied by a broad range of individuals hosting a spectrum of opinions--especially in those areas touching on politics. In the present example, I am sure Trump supporters would be able to show a historical rise in the State of the Union speeches since he took office.

As a starting point, I challenge readers to combine a little history with their R and take a look at Soviet production figures from almost any decade of its existence and ask themselves, in light of the fact that the economists and statisticians who ginned them up were smart and sometimes of international renown, were not "pushing an angle."

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