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December 13, 2019


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Is there any word on a new release of Microsoft R Open?

With R 4.0 on the way and R 3.6.2 out now for a while, is there any news when Microsoft R Open will be out, as it's really annoying it hasn't been updated now since April this year? I posted a solution here to get R 3.6.2 to use Intel MKL by copying some files across from MRO 3.5.2, but it's a shame one should have to go to such lengths... :

Also a real shame that Mac support has been dropped... Is this a sign that Microsoft will stop supporting R alltogether? Is there any plans perhaps that the RStudio people might be able to take over this project?

It is both annoying and unfortunate that Microsoft has not come out and stated what is happening in the background here. Moving to a newer R version almost a year after it has originally come out now is not viable for us. Using R without the MKL speed boost is painful.

Alex and Tom, you can help raise the priority of a new MRO release by posting to the official forum, here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/home?forum=ropen . Thanks for your feedback.

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