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April 27, 2020


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Do you have any word on whether Microsoft will release a MRAN based on R 4.x? the latest MRAN is still 3.5.3, missing 3.6.x. I've seen no announcements one way or the other from Microsoft or on the MRAN site. I'm about to have to abandon it.

@Tom, the next version of MRO will be based on R 4.0.1, and will be available sometime after that patch is released.

Thanks David for the news, the video, and especially the news that MRO will be updated to 4.0.1!

Regarding 'optional floating point requirement' with the Macintosh pre-release of R, I think they are referring to the floating point unit (FPU) which was an optional addition to some of 680x0 series CPUs of the time. Some 68040 CPUs were also sold without a FPU.

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