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A user group in Amsterdam, NL?

Anyone interested in Dublin, Ireland R group?

I am trying to organize a R User Group for Germany (Southwest) with meetings in Mannheim or Heidelberg, maybe also Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt (later).

I just created an initial group collaboration site at To join this group click on the button "Request to join this Qlubb" at the upper right of the page (Joining may take a while as it has to be manually approved, sorry).

Please join or leave your address even if you're not from the exact region. Maybe you will find other people from your region this way.

Hi Anthony,
I'm interested in organizing an R group in Berlin. It'd be an English speaking group.

Hello R users in Northern Germany!
This is the initial step to set up the R user group in the Northern part of Germany: "R im Norden" (RiN). The objective of this group is to establish a local forum for R users - beginner to advanced. You can meet with other users of the R Programming Language and learn and share tricks and techniques from and with other users.
Please send a short mail indicating your interests to Rainer Feldmann: [email protected].

Kind Regards


The Spanish-speaking R users group is organizing the 1st R conferences in Spain.

We will try to create work teams and an organized users group.

You can subscribe and send talk proposals here:

Anyone interested in an R Users group in Seattle WA (Eastside in particular)?

Hi there - Anyone interested in starting a group in the Boston area?

Rainer for RiN

Ivailo Partchev (University of Jena) asked us to inform you about a online workshop on "Statistical Programming in R", he will hold in Jena on November 21 and 22, 2009. For more information and registration:

Kind Regards

Italy, Padova

We are an association that promotes knowledge sharing and the use of open source tools in Italy. As a part of our activities, together with other people (scholars, consultants, R-lovers and so on), we are setting up a R-user group in Italy. Our headquarter is located in Padova, where also the University (Department of Statistical Sciences) mantains a CRAN Mirror. Our initial aims are : - to promote the use of R across public institutions, private companies and no-profit organisations - to collect and disseminate R materials (primers, tutorials, lectures) through our website for making them immediately available to different communities - to organise events and lectures to spread R use across our territory

Everyone who is interested in joining and helping us is really welcome.

You can contact us at [email protected]

Also interested in a Seattle-area group.

Hi I'm Scott from Denver, Colorado. Very new to R, but interested in starting an R group here in the Denver/Boulder area. I have a core group of users (~25) medical/biostatistical researchers that use various functions on various projects. Any information and materials you could send me would be great. We are all currently SAS users willing to learn a new language.

Hi Scott. I'll send you a document with tips on how to start up a user group (one of these days I'll get around to making it into a blog post).

Im in Durban, South Africa and am keen to meet with other R users in the area.

Hi there
I would also be interested in a R group for Dublin,IE.
Kevin O'Brien.

I would be interested in an R group in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

Daniel Ence

I am keen to meet other R users in Brussels. If anyone is interested let me know. Would also actively support the establiment of such a group.

St. Louis anyone?

Any interest in a UseR group in Philadelphia?

I would be interested in a Philadelphia UseR group.
[email protected]

Hi! Anyone interested in a UseR group in Toronto, Ontario, Canada?

I'm also interested in joining or starting an R users group in the Boston. Please contact me at [email protected]



We have a group names as "Research Methods and Analytics", but with R as a main topic, and we are in Pasadena.


I've just started an R users group in Salt Lake City, UT. Anybody in the neighborhood, please join us!

I'd like to see a Minneapolis useR group...


I'm from the Islands of Philippines. I want to form R Group here in Manila. Contact me [email protected] Or [email protected]


i've started an R user group in singapore

feel free to post


Any interest in a UseR group in São Paulo, Brazil?

I would be interested in a useR group in Cincinnati.

Spain: Barcelona
[email protected]

Anyone interested in starting up a BCN RUG? I’m a gradstudent at the UAB and am interested in forming a local R-user community. I can organize space on the UAB campus, but could meet elsewhere.

Algú vol formar un grup de usuaris de R a BCN? Soc estudiant de posgrau a la UAB. Puc organitzar espai a la UAB o reunir a qualsevol lloc a la ciutat. Envia’m un correu!

Connecticut anyone?

I'd like to start a UserGroup in India (TamilNad).
Please guide.

Vignesh M

For R users in India, check the R South Asia group



would also like a Minneapolis/Saint Paul users group

There is now a Twin Cities R User group (Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN). Please join the group and RSVP for the next meeting if you can make it.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi all,

any R users in the Philippines? im sure you're out there, i'm just not sure how to get to you. i'm from a local university here in Manila, and im thinking of contacting Statistics students from other universities to group together to form a local R group here in Manila. please help spread the word.

kind regards!

merçi d'avoir indiqué cette liste,j'ai trouvé mon bonheur! merçi.

Anyone up for Indianapolis-West Lafayette-Bloomington R User Group?

am going to set up Birmingham Alabama r users group; please let me know if anyone is interested

I'm about to start a group for dublin, ireland. I'll post the details shortly.

I have started a Tallahassee R Users Group and have scheduled a meeting on April 3 at 4 PM at New Leaf Market (The Dining Area). Hope to see some people there.

Sorry forgot to give the url -

Looking to start one here in Nairobi..Kenya very soon

There is a new users group in Italy: Torino R net

first meeting on 16th June, please update above list and calendar, there is an ical at

Hi Daniele, Torino R net is now on the list -- thanks!


We're looking to start an R UseR GRoup in Hawai'i (HI,USA). Most users I know are on Maui, but perhaps we can begin with a distributed group via e-conferencing to include persons on all islands. I can organize space at my research department, which is mostly focused on wildlife, but we'd welcome persons and perspectives from many other disciplines. Please contact robertrankin AT pacificwhale DOT org.


Aloha Rob,

I'm a postdoc in bioinformatics at the UH Manoa Cancer Center. There are several of us here that use R regularly, and I for one would be very interested in attending an R UseR GRoup. I'm on Oahu, but woul dbe interested in e-conferencing if I can figure out how my institution would handle that.


Thank you very much for adding aR as the Argentina R Users Group.
As for now we are a few members but very qualified proffessionals in fields such us medicine, bioinformatics, agriculture, banking and finance.
We hope to have our first meeting in september 2011 in Buenos Aires.
Thanks again and we'll keep you posted for updates.

please send me more informations about R

Hi! There's a new R Users Group in Uruguay.
Public website:

Thanks Sebastian. There used to be a Google group at: (no longer accessible), so I replaced the link with the WordPress site.

I am interested in starting an Predictive Modelling Group in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Though primarily directed towards R users, I would like to keep it open to other software such as SAS, Statistica, and programming languages such as C#.

Although we are wedged between the Cincinnati and the Philidelphia groups, I am curious (and hopeful) that there may be a small local community interested in gathering and swapping ideas. It would be open to all and should cater to the corporate and academic communities alike.

Email me at [email protected] if interested!

merci pour les liens et la liste! les groupes italiens merci!

great, thanks for this list!

Any R users in Phoenix? Email me at [email protected]

Edit to above comment. Email me at [email protected]

Speaking for a few interested in montreal here!

IF IN Pittsburgh THEN email: scott dot malec @t gmail dot com

Planning to start up R User group in Vienna, Austria?
Already did some prep work on (
So if you are interested have a look and get in touch.

I would like to start an R users group in Phoenix, AZ. Please call me or email me if you are interested.



I am interested in forming a group interested in starting a R Users Group in the general Quantico area of Virgina.

If interested, please contact me at my gmail account.

Mark Lefcowitz
[email protected]

I have not seen a group of users in Peru, if they know of any please let me know.



How about a Mumbai R users group?
It is surprising that it is not listed here yet.
How do i get that done?

Thanks for this list!

There is a group for Paris (France)?

I am trying to organize an R user group in the Princeton New Jersey area.

Perth, Western Australia
Anyone in Perth wanting to start an R User group?

Exactly how about a Mumbai R users group?It is astonishing it is not listed here but.Just how do i get that done.
Québec naturopathie

Hi, I am keen to set up a users' group in Durban, South Africa.

We are in Cape Town, South Africa, and we are in a desparate need for an R usergroup for the IIDMM (Institute for Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine).



We have initialized the Turkish useR group:

What do we need to do to list it in this page?



Hi Sara,
I am in the department of construction economics and management at UCT and currently have a MSc student using R for his research. I cannot see you on the web site for your department. If you can contact me perhaps we can start something within UCT and then let it grow from there.

R user in Phoenix +1, any group set up yet?
please contact [email protected]

Anyone interested in a Las Vegas R users group?

Please need help with following rcodes:

I am used "cut" function and generated a class interval for values >-25 and< -104 all effort made to plot the following function prove abortive:
plot(diet~class.f, data=nuru)



Hong Kong R User Group (HKRUG)

First meeting this Saturday.

If anyone is interested in starting a small R User Group in the NW (Northwest) Arkansas area (Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville) around the University of Arkansas, please send an e-mail!

There is a R user group in Ecuador (South America), the social network that we used is linkedIn

We have successfully created Nigeria R user Group (NRUG)at department of Statistics and Mathematical Sciences, kwara state University, P.M.B 1530, Malete-Ilorin, Nigeria. NRUG is already hosted on our webpage at but we are still having difficulties getting it registered with you at Revolution Analytics because Nigeria has been banned from opening PayPAL accounts and the likes. Kindly advise me on getting this group registered with you so that it can grow bigger. We use R in Nigeria!
[email protected]

I'd appreciate a ping if someone starts a group near Tulsa, OK.

I would like to inform that since may 2013 there is a new R users group in Italy: InsulaR ( This italian-speaking group is located in Cagliari, Sardinia.

Interest in forming a group in Tijuana México, starting to learn and focusing to using R in improving Process with statisticals methods.

I'm one of the few R users in Taiwan. I went to the number 1 graduate school for psychology in Taiwan, but I can't remember even meeting another R user.

One professor said he wanted to create an R course, but later rejected the notion, citing his relative inexperience with it.

On the good side, when I turned in my assignments, no professors could ever nitpick my code.

Any R users out there in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), India? How about Baroda and Rajkot? If there are a few, let's set up a useR group.

[email protected]

We just set up a useR group in Dakar (Senegal) : The Dakar R useR Group (DRUG).
We will mainly speak french but we encourage people to present their work in english too

Missing a mention of the R User Group which recently had their first meetup in Mumbai, India


This is our direct-client opening for a QA Engineer(Demonstrated working proficiency with R/RUnit) located in Seattle, WA. This is a 3-6+ month contract to hire.

Anyone interested in starting a group in Hamburg, Germany? Please, email at buitrago(at)giga-hamburg(dot)de.

Anyone interested in starting a group in London GB?

Exactly how about a Mumbai R users group?It is astonishing it is not listed here but.Just how do i get that done.

Hey i am also interested R user group.

Hi all, I have recently moved to beautiful St. George, Utah, and I am starting an R Users Group here. We will be meeting at Outlier Labs bi-weekly to share our code and ideas with each other. Email me if you would like a personal invite.

There is an R meetup group in Madison called MadR Madison R Programming UseRs Group: Could this be added to the list?

I am interested in creating a group for the New Orleans- Baton Rouge area in Louisiana.


Algùn usuario en Mèxico interesado en crear un grupo?

Alguien de Colombia para agruparse?

Colombia presente, ubaldobe hagámole a lo del grupo.

Hello, someone interested in forming an R-users group in Uruguay?

Aquí colombia, hacemos grupo?

anybody for Colombia?

Hello , Indira Ramírez and Victor Andrade, I would like to form a mexican group with you.

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