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Please, I just want to know whether there is a R-user group at OUagadougou (Burkina Faso).

I am in DRC. I am looking for a R user group in Kinshasa (DRC). I am alone. Thank you

Hi Cape Town people... The CapeR User group is launching... stay tuned :)

Western Cape (South Africa) R Users Group has launched: web at , twitter @CapeRUser

Help with finding R tutors for microarray analysis, next generation sequencing and constructing gene interaction networks?


I am a visually impaired bioinformatics graduate student using microarray data for my master’s thesis aimed at deciphering the mechanism by which the yeast wild type can suppress the rise of free reactive oxygen species (ROS) induced by caloric restriction (CR) but the Atg15 and Erg6 knockout mutant cannot.

Since my remaining vision is very limited I need very high magnification. But that makes my visual field very small. Therefore I need somebody to guide me remotely through the R environment and teach me how to best use the R packages for bioinformatics, especially for microarray analysis, next generation sequencing and constructing gene and pathway interaction networks. This is very difficult for me to figure out without assistance because Zoomtext, my magnification and text to speech software, on which I am depending because I am almost blind, has problems reading out aloud many R related websites to me. And even those websites it can read, it can only read sequentially from left to right and then from top to bottom. Unfortunately, this way of acquiring, finding, selecting and processing new information and answering my questions is too tiresome, ineffective and especially way too time consuming for graduating with a PhD in bioinformatics before my funding runs out despite being severely limited by my visual disability.

Since I am legally blind the rehab agency is giving me money to pay tutors for this purpose. Could you please help me getting in touch regarding this with anybody, who could potentially be interested in teaching me R thus saving me time for acquiring new information and skills, which I need to finish my thesis on time, so that I can remain eligible for funding to continue in my bioinformatics PhD program despite being almost blind? The tutoring can be done remotely via TeamViewer 5 and Skype. Hence, it does not matter where my tutors are physically located. Currently I have tutors in Croatia and UK. But since they both work full time jobs while working on their PhD dissertation they only have very limited time to teach me online. Could you therefore please forward this request for help to anybody, who could potentially be interested or, who could connect me to somebody, who might be, because my graduation and career depend on it? Who else would you recommend me to contact regarding this?

I thank you very much in advance for your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, recommendations, time, help, efforts and support.

With very warm regards,

Thomas Hahn

Cell phone: (318) 243 3940
Skype ID: tfh002
Preferred email:

Please include our newly formed Trenton R User (TRU) group. We plan to server R enthusiasts in Mercer County, NJ.

At present we are
1) welcoming new users and
2) inviting suggestions from for our first meeting.


Anyone interested in Abuja, Nigeria?

Hey Guys i have recently setup Lahore R user group "LahoreRUG" check it out here.

There is a new and active Use R Group in Munich, Germany .
It's called Applied R Munich and we are meeting every 4 to 6 weeks.

We are on meetup and GitHub.

Furthermore check out our website.

(Talks will be in German or English depending on the speaker)

Started an R Users Group in Memphis, TN

There is a new R user group in Nottingham, UK.

We have started a new R user group in Zurich:

Would be great if you could add it to the list.


There is now a RUG in Cote d'ivoire. Abidjan R users group @AbidjanRusers

We have formed the R User Group Malaysia

I would like to join the Bangalore R users group.

Hello, please is there any nigeria group? if none then i would like to form nigerian group with you. Am BIOBAKU OLUWAFUNMILOLA

Hi All - I wanted to join a "R" community group/forum/blogs to seek help from the experienced group members.
Can anyone suggest any ?

Hi Maya, you can find some tips on starting an R user group here.

We have formed the 1st R User Group in Bangladesh.
Its name is RXperts.

Here is the website:
Here is the facebook group link:

Ukraine (Odessa) Odessa R users group

Am also interested R User Group is it accessible from east africa

Hello All,
I am from the tri-county area in south Florida, and I am looking to join an existing R-User group already in the area or maybe spur the beginning of forming a new group. If you are from an already existing group in the area or looking to start a new one please contact me.

Anybody from Bangladesh

Is anybody here? I started a QE job and I am starting to learn R for the statistics. I am in Boston and any contacts would be appreciated.

Hey there! Writing from Bolivia here. I first heard of R during my last year of college and used it to develop my final project. I used it mostly to manipulate hydrologic information and produce maps with rain data. Now, I hope to find other people nearby to start a group of R enthusiasts.

Hi Anthony,
I'm interested in organizing an R group in Kenya. It'd be an English speaking group. Let me know

Hi everybody!
It is my first time here and I wish to as clear and kind as every user in this forum.
I am trying to generate a Kaplan-Meier Plot for Overall Survival using survival and ggplot2 packages, with the data contained in data1. OS variable codifies time variable and Exitus variable codifies the events.
The plot is generated correctly but when I used the option risk.table=TRUE, the number of patients at risk at time=0 is missing. I always used this code in order to generate Kaplan-Meier plots and I have never had this kind of problem
Any advice will be welcome
Next, I share mi data and my code:

data1 <- data.frame("Subject"=1:46,

##Global OS
fit_OS<- survfit(Surv(OS, Exitus) ~ 1, data = data1)
KM_OS<-ggsurvplot(fit_OS, title="OS", legend = "bottom",
legend.title = "OS",
risk.table = TRUE,
risk.table.col = "black",
ggtheme = theme_bw(),
palette = c("#FAD234"),
tables.height = 0.15,
tables.theme = theme_cleantable(),
tables.y.text = FALSE
KM_OS$plot<-KM_OS$plot + xlab("Time (months)")

Thanks for sharing this informative information

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